Tagxedo is very user-friendly. As soon as you have words, the rest is simple and fun!
Click on the video below and watch a quick look at how to use the site. For a step by step version, scroll down and follow.


Steps to create in Tagxedo:
1. Go to www.tagxedo.com
2. From the home page, click on the "Start Now" button, or "Create" in the right hand corner.
3. You will then see the following screen:

4. The first thing you want to do is enter the words or text you are using. Click on "Load," and you should see the screen below.
You then have 2 options - you can freely type in text in the box titled "Enter Text," or you can enter a link that will upload text and words from a website.
When you are happy with your text, click on "submit."


5. After you enter your text you will see it appear on the screen in a random form. So your next step will be to choose a shape for your text to take on. Click on the "Shape" button, and you should see the screen below. Here you have 2 options - you can choose from the predetermined list of shapes the site has to offer, or you can upload a picture you have on your computer by selecting "add image."


6. After you have chosen your text and shape, then you can get creative! Click on "theme" to play with colors and backgrounds. See below.

7. After you choose your color, then click on "font" and choose which font you would like to have. There are many options that allow you to express the theme of your image and text. See below.


8. Once you feel like your Tagxedo creation in complete, click on "Save, Share, Print." See below. You can either save your image to your computer, print it, or share in on the web with others!

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